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The Alan Dawson Rudimental Ritual (pt. 2)




Check the examples here




by: Brandon Goodwin 
Montreal, QC, Canada 



As I often mention, there is no substitute for a good teacher. If you…

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Top 5 Drummers to Study in Each Genre

For all the drum teachers out there who offer private lessons to students of all ages and abilities, here is a resource you can use with your students when they ask about a genre of music that maybe is not

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The Charley Wilcoxon Challenge

Charley Wilxoon is my absolute favourite snare drum composer, and is a favourite of many drummers worldwide. Today I wanted to talk about why I appreciate the work that Charley Wilcoxon put into the art of drumming, and into drum

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How to Get Gigs

Booking gigs is a very time consuming and often frustrating process. We talk to dozens of venues, send emails, make phone calls, and usually don't hear anything back. And then there's the question of how to get paid gigs.

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How to Practice Groove (for drummers)

Some people have it, some don't, that deep sense of groove that seems to be reserved only for a select few musicians. Steve Gadd, Clyde Stubblefield, Vinnie Colaiuta, Ahmir “Questlove” Thompson, these are just a few of my favourite groove

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12 Minutes to Stronger Hands

One of the more commonly asked questions in my drum lessons is: “How do I strengthen my weak hand?”, or “What are some exercises to strengthen my weak hand?”. As most drummers are right-handed, they are usually referring to improving

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What You Need to Get Started On the Drums

Do you want to start playing the drums but don’t know what to buy or where to look? Are you thinking about learning to play the drums on your own, but need help selecting the proper gear and methods? 

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Top Resources for Learning to Read Rhythm

These are my favourite resources that I use when I teach reading, and the books that I recommend to my students when they want to work on reading rhythms. Each book has different strengths and so I recommend looking into

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How to Maximize Your Rudimental Potential

Drum rudiments are the basis of everything we do as drummers, they are the vocabulary that is used to express rhythmic ideas. Simple to learn but difficult to master, when diligent practice of these rudiments is undertaken the drummer can

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A Reflection on 2018

This past year was the biggest to date for the studio. So many new people wanting to learn drums, it was an inspiring year.

We also held out first student recital, which was a blast! The students really stepped

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The Alan Dawson Rudimental Ritual Changed My Life 

The Alan Dawson Rudimental Ritual has changed my life 

  Not only has it taught me so much about drumming, but it's also taught me about dedication, concentration, and patience in all aspects of my life. 

  I have been

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