How to Reach the International Stage as a Touring Drummer

Reaching the international stage as a drummer, or as a professional musician in general, is extremely difficult, and an insane amount of work. Often times, even after putting in all of the required work to become an international superstar, there

How to Make Your Drum-fills Achieve Legendary Status

Difficult to learn, drum fills for beginners can be enigmatic, and can even be frustrating in the intermediate stages. It is a slow process to learn how to do a drum fill properly. The amount of possible drum fills is

Top Resources for Learning to Read Rhythm

These are my favourite resources that I use when I teach reading, and the books that I recommend to my students when they want to work on reading rhythms. Each book has different strengths and so I recommend looking into

Drum Education Resources: A Helpful Guide

As a drum teacher for almost 20 years, I am constantly looking for the best teaching resources to use in my lessons. I have my go to books but also am constantly looking for something better.

Here are some

How to Maximize Your Rudimental Potential

Students often ask me "How do I practice rudiments?"

The simple answer is to practice your drum rudiments! Practice them slowly, increasing the speed in a relaxed manner. Practice them everyday on a practice pad until you have developed

What You Can do TODAY to Help Your Student Succeed


As a drum teacher giving private drum lessons for 20 years, my #1 objective has always been to get the best out of my students and to help them realize their goals. Nearly everything in the class is about

Best Resources for Learning the Brushes: A Helpful Guide

  Books   1. The Complete Guide to Playing Brushes (Florian Alexandru-Zorn)

This book and DVD kit is ideal for drummers ready for an in-depth study of playing with brushes. The Complete Guide to Playing Brushes uses detailed

A Reflection on 2018

This past year was the biggest to date for the studio. So many new people wanting to learn drums, it was an inspiring year.

We also held out first student recital, which was a blast! The students really stepped


4 things to consider when looking for a music teacher

Looking for the right music teacher can be a daunting task. There are so many things to consider and if it's your first time looking into music lessons you might not know exactly what to look for. Just type Drum

The Alan Dawson Rudimental Ritual Changed My Life 

The Alan Dawson Rudimental Ritual has changed my life 

  Not only has it taught me so much about drumming, but it's also taught me about dedication, concentration, and patience in all aspects of my life. 

  I have been