Drum Education Resources: A Helpful Guide

As a drum teacher for almost 20 years, I am constantly looking for the best teaching resources to use in my lessons. I have my go to books but also am constantly looking for something better.

Here are some of the resources that I use with my students. If you have any to add please feel free to leave a comment below with the link.




Fast Track Drum Method: Book 1


 English Version                                                                   Version Francais


This was one of the books that my parents bought me when I was a kid and just starting out. I didn't have a teacher and so this was my teacher at the beginning stages. Perfect for the beginner. Takes about 1 year to go through for a student who practices regularly (3 days or more per week). 


Fast Track Drum Method: Book 2



The FastTrack method series is a fresh, user-friendly approach to learning with a method book which blends traditional lessons and songs with modern elements of humor, wit, and pop culture. Each book includes a play-along CD plus songs that are the same in all the FastTrack books so that friends can form a band and jam together.



Learn to Play the Drumset: Beginning Drum Method



This method has been written to teach the basics of the drum set in the shortest amount of time. The method is unique in that it is a beginning course that starts the student out on the entire drum set. Book One covers basic set-ups, reading and improvisation, coordination of hands and feet, and features a variety of contemporary and basic rhythm patterns with exercise breakdowns for each. Book Two continues instruction with more improvisation exercises, playing triplets, flams and flam beats, practical musicianship tips, equipment selection and many more techniques and skills.



Voted second on Modern Drummer's list of 25 Greatest Drum Books in 1993, Progressive Steps to Syncopation for the Modern Drummer is one of the most versatile and practical works ever written for drums. Created exclusively to address syncopation, it has earned its place as a standard tool for teaching beginning drummers syncopation and strengthening reading skills. This book includes many accented eighths, dotted eighths and sixteenths, eighth-note triplets and sixteenth notes for extended solos. In addition, teachers can develop many of their own examples from it.


Modern Rudimental Swing Solos for the Advanced Drummer


Charles Wilcoxon was best known as a teacher and for his numerous publications, which included snare drum method books and solos. He began playing in local movie house when he was eight years old, taught his first students when he was 12, and at 14 was touring with minstrel groups and movie orchestras. He finally settled at the Palace in Cleveland, Ohio where he played from 1922-33. Anecdotes abound concerning his teaching and the operation of his music store, the latter of which he started in the Great Depression of the 1930s. His most widely used works are The All American Drummer, Rudimental Swing Solos, Wrist and Finger Control and The Drummer on Parade.






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