The Charley Wilcoxon Challenge

Charley Wilxoon is my absolute favourite snare drum composer, and is a favourite of many drummers worldwide. Today I wanted to talk about why I appreciate the work that Charley Wilcoxon put into the art of drumming, and into drum education, and how much he has inspires me.  

Charley Wilcoxon was the author of two pivotal snare drumming books titled "The All American Drummer: 150 Rudimental Solos" & "Modern Rudimental Swing Solos for the Advanced Drummer".

I know the video is a bit long but I feel that these topics are important things to talk about;

AND there is a bit of a challenge at the end!




Here are some Charley Wilcoxon videos I have made in the past


Wilcoxon #1


Modern Flam Accents



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